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At Just Vape It we have decided to put a twisted spin on our delicious E-liquids and have brought out the sinister looking, Scare fest Range.

The Scare fest range has a 70/30 VG to PG mix ratio, and we offer 5 gourmet flavours to even entice the devil to pick up the Vape.

Pink Mist – This is a superb vape of mixed fruits & menthol for an unbelievable, sweet tasting, great vaping e-liquid.

Red Wood – This black magic conjurer has managed to pull all dark spells to your delights. An epic mix of water bursting strawberries mixed with sweet whipped cream for a Strawberry Milkshake like no other.

Blue Shackles – This refreshing vape will have your taste buds screaming for more, there is a reason this juice must be shackled down. A demonic mix of ripe Blueberries infused with cool slush puppy.

Lemon Craze – Vapours warning, an out of this world experience for all the crazy vapours who dare to try this zesty Lemon sherbet candy vape.

Lipstick Candy – An eye spinning, tongue twisting explosion that will keep you begging for more! This E-liquid is packed with blood bursting Berries, thirst quenching grapes, sweet eucalyptus, gut punching aniseed and frost-bitten menthol.